When I was little, I was blonde.

I caught a head cold.


We haven't found him yet.


Grace is apparently an honest person.

Gregg, why are you crying?

I'm losing patience.

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I think I may know what this is all about.


The old man asked me the time.


I'm not the one who told him.

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Shean asked for a pen.

You must comply.

If I were the boss, I'd fire you.


Spouses are also welcome.

I'm taking tomorrow off.

Get rid of things you don't use.


I'm glad the two of you agree with each other.


His explanation wasn't satisfying.

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Vivaldi wrote a lot of music for the bassoon.

The boy plays the piano.

Tuan watches TV every night.

He has very deep convictions.

I'm not as nice as I think I am.

The fish can swim.

ALS slowly destroys the nerves and muscles needed for moving your body.


Granting that he was drunk, his conduct cannot be excused.

My life would probably have been hugely different if I had been born a month later.

I can't get this lid off.

You're not going to eat that, are you?

We've been waiting in line for over an hour.

I think it's time for me to admit that I never cared about you.

He won't be back tomorrow.

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Until now, I've never been spoken to by a foreigner.


When do we get paid?

Patrice fell down from the horse's back.

I got a suntan.

I would like to go to France.

You probably don't like me.

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Spass left something on your desk.

I know exactly where to find the buried treasure.

She sometimes helps her mother.

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This road will lead you to the center of town.

She would prefer that I take the bus.

He fell flat on the floor.

They milked the cow.

You're capable.

For these open words, I have to give you my highest appreciation.

Teresa sang me a song.

I'd like something light.

He is not here right now. Why are you looking for him?

I sold my guitar today.

Will you make up with me?


You must try to understand how Vistlik feels.

Do you advertise in the Yellow Pages?

Go get help.

Three children are playing in the park.

What an adorable child!

She is stunningly good-looking.

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


I've always been interested in science.

I think you've been doing great.

Does this mean what I think it means?


The bridge had been built before that time.

Celeste shut himself up in his bedroom.

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Liyuan Jackson.

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Vivek tried on a shirt he liked, but it was too small.

We were talking about him.

The English and German sentences have totally different meanings.

Where did you get that much money?

It happened that he was ill.

The children are terrified.

I don't have much ready money.

Thank you for asking.

Many revolutions have aimed to abolish the aristocracy.

It's up to you.

The interpreter tries to give the most detail and information possible.

This dictionary is very expensive, but is worth buying.

Nowhere but in the world of the antique is it more obvious that many of the things that we, as individuals hold dear, are completely arbitrary.

I like vacations.

The farmers must be happy to hear that.


I have very bad chills.

I'll see him tonight.

You're impulsive.

Who pushed you into the pool?

He'll never be anything more to me than a friend.

This is the same wallet as I lost a week ago.

Twenty miles is a long distance to walk.

You can probably buy one of these cheaper elsewhere.

Omar could hear Lester singing in the shower.

When we have a family argument, my husband always sides with his mother instead of me.

Are you fully recovered?

You're already forgiven.

All the expenses will fall on the sponsor.

Give him a chair.

He is six feet in height.

Down is warm.

Vickie is looking for someone to blame.

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I have no idea why Loukas doesn't want to go to Gabriel's party.

Dori didn't explain it very well.

I understand what happened.


I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

While I sing, I'm walking.

Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

I will dry your T-shirt.

I wasn't cooking anything.

Why should Alexander want to help Skeeter?

Sedovic was the only one drunk at the party.

Some of you need help.

She's been practicing piano for a year and can play the piano a bit.

He took it out of my hands.

We shouldn't have left Huey alone.

I'm all for that.

I don't think that we should do that.


Narendra was badly hurt.

Did you remember to go to the library?

I'll call back a bit later.

Mr. Smith studied Chinese history.

Your wristwatch is on the table.

I told you not to use those.

She was absent from school because of sickness.

I saw them making out on the couch.

All the players stood there with their arms folded.

Did you hurt yourself?

Kathryn took a piece of candy from the bag.

There's only one thing we can do now!

I apologize for not writing to you before.

Let's hope she comes.

Miek speaks slower than Bill.


Jianyun wants to know who Wayne's boyfriend is.

Oh yeah, I totally agree.

Does Jared prefer to jog or work out in a gym?

Dan started an argument with the cashier to distract security.

They're new.

He raised tomato plants from seed.

In order to get some information about Japanese economic problems, you'll find this book very useful.


What seems to be the problem with the machine?

I don't like waiting in lines.

Valeria politely thanked Amarth.

The victim was identified as Dan Anderson.

Knapper likes to sit on the dock playing his tin whistle while looking at the sunset.


What makes you think Jelske did this?


They jumped into the water one after another.

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I came to surprise him.


On your mark, get set, go!


You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.

I'm sure that wasn't what Andries wanted to hear.

Roland ran as fast as a leopard.

Our granddaughter was born two days ago.

I saw that in the newspaper this morning.

No man can live for himself.

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?


Everyone gasps.


How could you not give me the message?

I doubt that Stan knew that Clyde was already married.

I, too, am worried about Mahmoud.


The country is confronted with a financial crisis.

What else were we supposed to do?

My client wants to plead guilty.

The mail arrives before noon.

You're not very tidy.

Without hearth or home.

Just a second, please, here is my wife, I'll introduce her to you. Jarmila, this is Mr. Reindle from the American Embassy.


That would be lovely.


Dan thanked all those who placed their faith in his company.

You'll have to get a permit to visit that factory.

Did you shoot him?